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Why Wagg & Purr

At Wagg & Purr Pet Behaviour, Lauren provides expert and friendly pet training and behaviour support for you and your pet companion, in and around Norwich, Norfolk. At Wagg & Purr, Lauren has a wealth of experience in animal behaviour, including both MSc level academic qualifications and hands-on experience. As a pet behaviour counsellor, Lauren's passion is for promoting scientific based, ethical training and behaviour modification techniques, all with the main aim of promoting high standards of animal welfare and further enhancing the owner – pet bond.

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Puppy Training

Wagg & Purr offers puppy training one on one support. Set yourself and your puppy up for success from the start of your journey together! Sessions aim to be fun and to help you to deal with all the challenges adding a puppy to the family can bring. From puppy biting to toilet training, these sessions are a perfect way to get started on your training journey.

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Pet Behaviour Counsellor

Pet behaviour consultations are ideal to help with any issues you may be experiencing with your dog or cat. From your pet struggling to be left alone, toileting issues, excessive barking, aggressive or reactive behaviour and much more, Lauren can help you and your pet! At Wagg & Purr, Lauren fully understands how difficult it can be to live alongside a pet displaying problematic behaviours. Thankfully, using up to date science based techniques, behaviour modification can produce excellent long lasting results. Commitment and consistency is key to success, however you will come out the other end having learnt so much about your pet!

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Pet problematic behaviour consultation

Consultations aimed to help modify your dog or cat’s problematic behaviour. From separation related behaviours, anxious behaviours, compulsive behaviours, excessive noise or destruction and much more, Wagg and Purr can help!

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Puppy and dog training sessions

One to one sessions to help you start your puppy training journey, or to train your dog new skills, such as, coming back when called, loose lead walking and much more!

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Cat behaviour advice

Preventative cat behaviour advice, to help reduce the likelihood of your cat experiencing any future behavioural struggles. Advice to help with adjusting to life in a new home, adjusting to new animals or children in the home and much more.

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We would highly recommend Lauren as the ‘go-to’ person for any doggie-based problems