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August 2021

Sustainably focused pet behaviour business

As an individual, it’s really important to me to find ways to live in a more eco-friendly, sustainable manner. So when I decided to launch Wagg and Purr Pet Behaviour, I wanted to create a sustainable pet business.

Here’s how I’ve worked on building sustainability into Wagg and Purr Pet Behaviour’s business model so far:

● I run a hybrid car and run on electricity for dog and cat, training and behaviour appointments as much as possible.

● Dog and cat treats provided in sessions are homemade to reduce packaging and ensure sustainable ingredients are used.

● Any dog or cat treats and chews bought are natural and come in recyclable packaging.

● Pet products I use are made from sustainable, eco friendly materials where possible.

● Wagg and Purr Pet Behaviour is a paper free business!

You can find out more about Wagg and Purr Pet Behaviour’s ethos here. As a pet behaviour counsellor, I can help you with dog training, cat training and pet behaviour support!



Would you like to be a sustainably focused pet owner?

Here are some of my tips on how you can achieve this:


● Look for a pet food brand where the packaging is all recyclable. Click for an example of a scheme which recycles pet food packaging.

●  Research what goes into your pet food brand of choice. Ensure it uses both sustainable ingredients and is the best choice for your pet’s health!

● Try making your own dog and cat treats. This also means you know exactly what goes in them!

There are many recipes available online, but here’s one to get you started:

Fish training treats


  1. 400g tinned fish (sustainably caught!)
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 300g plain flour
  4. 60ml water


  1. Heat oven to 180 degrees
  2. Line baking tray (or use training treat mould)
  3. Mix ingredients by hand, or with food processor
  4. Spoon the mix into the tray and smooth it over
  5. Bake for around 20 minutes
  6. Once cool, cut into training treat size, or remove from mould
  7. Bake at a reduced temperature for around 40-60 mins until dried
  8. Freeze for up to a month

● Buy natural dog chews with recyclable packaging. I’ve recently come across the brand Green & Wilds and their chews are a hit with Poppy!

● Use compostable poo bags.

● Avoid disposable puppy pads when toilet training a puppy. This also encourages you to be in tune with when your pup needs a toilet outing. After all, the aim is for them to go outside not inside!

● Consider a sustainably sourced, compostable cat litter with recyclable packaging.

● Look for pet products, beds, toys, scratching posts, leads, harnesses and collars etc. which are made from sustainable materials and come in recyclable packaging.

● Explore re-using materials, or using natural materials to create enrichment. A toilet paper/kitchen roll tube can be a great way to make a treat puzzle.

● Create a sensory garden for your pet. Use natural and re-used materials such as pet-safe plants to stimulate your pet’s brain and allow them to explore! Catnip and lavender are great for pets to investigate and the bees will love you for planting it!

● Attempt ways to reduce your cat hunting wildlife – you can find tips for this here!

● Donate old toys, pet beds, towels, leads etc. to pet rescue organisations, rather than adding them to landfill.

● Give eco-friendly pet grooming products a try.

● Recycle any pet medication blister packs. Here is a scheme which collects these to be recycled. 

Making changes all at once can seem a daunting. Instead, you can gradually make changes to reduce your pet’s impact on the planet. Here at Wagg and Purr Pet Behaviour I do everything I can to make sure my pet business is sustainable, if you are in need of a friendly pet behaviour or training service contact me today on 07507709685.