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One to One Dog Training & Behaviour

Whether you need help with your dog's problematic behaviours, support with teaching your dog how to come when called, or wondering where to start with training your new puppy or rescue dog, Lauren can help! As a qualified dog behaviourist in Norwich, Lauren can help you get the best results from your dog. All dog training and behaviour modification techniques use science based, ethical techniques, with an emphasis on solutions which work for both you and your dog. If you would like to book a free short chat on the phone to discuss your options for pet training and or behaviour support with Lauren, then click the button below to book.

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Puppy Training

At Wagg and Purr Pet Behaviour, Lauren offers bespoke one to one puppy training support sessions, which are tailored to what you want to cover with your puppy. Would you like help and support with:

Puppy biting?

Socialising your dog?

Crate training?

Toilet training?

Teaching your puppy to settle?

Basic obedience?

Lauren can help!

Four x 1 hour individual sessions puppy programme: £180

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Qualified Dog Behaviourist in Norwich

Canine behaviour consultations are designed to help you understand why your dog is displaying problematic behaviours and develop an achievable plan for behaviour modification.

Does your dog:

Lunge and bark on lead?

Act aggressively?

Struggle with being left alone?

Act fearful or anxious?

Struggle with loud noises?

Bark excessively?

or have any other problem which you are struggling to cope with?

Lauren can help!

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Dog Behaviour Training

Bespoke one to one dog training sessions can help with teaching your dog new skills. Lauren’s training methods revolve around fun, choice, motivation and limiting frustration for all involved. Would you like to improve your dog’s:


Ability to walk on lead without pulling?

Ability to settle?

Ability to focus?

Lauren can help!

Initial assessment session: £60.00

Programme of 3 x 1 hour sessions with WhatsApp/Email support: £150

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puppy training to sit

Puppy Training

Puppy behaviour training can help set you up for success and help you successfully integrate your new companion into the family.

dog behaviour training

Dog problematic behaviour

Support and guidance to help you get to the bottom of your pet’s behaviour and develop an achievable plan for behaviour change.

dog training classes

Dog Training

Teach your dog new skills including, focusing on you, recall, loose lead walking and much more!

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Poppy the dog sitting like a good dog

Canine Problematic Behaviour Consultation

Are you struggling with your dog’s problematic behaviour? Lauren can help you develop a plan for addressing separation related problems, toileting problems, aggressive and reactive behaviour, fears, anxieties and much more! The cost of an initial consultation as detailed below is £250.

Consultations involve:

  • 1. Veterinary referral (essential as behaviour problems may arise both directly and indirectly as a result of current or previous medical problems).
  • 2. A questionnaire
  • 3. An approximately 2 hour consultation
  • 4. A report and behaviour modification plan
  • 5. 3 months email and WhatsApp support
  • 6. Priority for follow up hourly support sessions if required

Please note: due to Lauren’s qualifications, depending on your policy you may be able to claim back the behaviour consultation fee from your pet insurance company.

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  • Are you qualified?

    Yes, Lauren has a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science and an MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour. Lauren is a registered Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Training and Behaviour Council (ABTC) and is a full member of the Professional Association of Canine Trainers (PACT). She is also a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and regularly engages in continued professional development.

  • What areas do you cover?

    Wagg & Purr Pet Behaviour covers Norwich, Norfolk and parts of Suffolk. A mileage charge may apply outside of a 10 mile radius of NR14 7UJ.

  • Are you insured?

    Yes! Lauren is covered with public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

  • How can I book a consultation or session?

    Contact Lauren who will send a link with details on how to book. Full payment is required on booking via Stripe or PayPal. Paying with PayPal may allow the option to spread the payment using PayPal Credit.

  • How do dog training sessions differ from canine problematic behaviour consultations?

    Behaviour is complex and involves many aspects, including: emotions, motivations, physiology, genetics, the environment, previous experience and more! It is essential that when addressing problematic behaviour, a full understanding is gained about why the behaviour is being displayed so that changes can be made, with appropriate behaviour modification techniques. Training on the other hand, revolves around teaching your dog new skills. If it becomes clear that a behaviour consultation and veterinary referral is necessary during a general training session, then the cost of the training session will be deducted from the consultation fee.

  • What does vet referral mean and why is it necessary?

    Any behaviour problem will require veterinary referral prior to a consultation. This is because health conditions both past and present can influence behaviour. Vet referral involves your vet signing a form to indicate their approval of referral and to allow for communication between vet and behaviourist. Should it be required, Lauren can then discuss with your vet if there are any medical related problems or suspicions which may be relevant to the behaviour problem and if medication may be of use in helping with behaviour modification.

  • How quickly will I see changes in my dog?

    This depends on many factors. In some cases you may see quick results, however most of the time commitment and consistency will be required to get the best, long term results. Lauren's role is to help you understand why your dog is acting in a particular way and to equip you with the skills and support necessary to achieve your goals and build on your relationship with your dog. Behaviour problems often develop over time and therefore there is very rarely a quick fix. Wagg & Purr Pet Behaviour is committed to offering you support until you feel happy with what you’ve achieved with your dog.