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Cat Behaviourist Training

At Wagg & Purr Pet Behaviour, I can help with any behaviour problems you may be experiencing with your cat. From aggression, toileting problems, anxiety, separation related problems, tension between cats, obsessive grooming and much more. As a cat behaviourist, I can help you work out why the behaviour is being displayed and develop solutions which work for you and your cat. Would you like a free enquiry phone call to discuss your options for pet training or behaviour support with me? Click below to book...

Cat and Kitten Training advice

These sessions aim to help you understand the best way to meet your kitten or cat’s behavioural needs and reduce the likelihood of future problems.

Would you like help and support with:

New cat introductions to other pets in the household?

New cat introduction to children in the house?

Introducing a new pet to an existing cat?

Preparing your cat for a new baby in the house?

Setting up the cat’s environment to meet their needs?

Moving house with your cat?

I can help!

One hour bespoke cat behaviour advice session: £60

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Cat problematic behaviour

Cat behaviour support programmes are designed to help you understand why your cat is displaying problematic behaviours and develop an achievable plan for behaviour change.

Do you have problems with:

Your cat spraying and marking?

Your cat acting aggressively?

Your cat damaging the furniture?

Your cat not getting on with other pets in the house?

Or any other behaviour?

I can help!

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Kitten training

Cat and Kitten advice

Cat behaviour advice to help prevent behaviour problems from developing.

Cat Training

Cat problematic behaviour

Expertise to help you get to the bottom of the behaviour and support in finding solutions which are right for you and your cat.

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Cat Behaviour Support Programme

Would you like support with your cat’s behaviour? My support programmes are designed to help you understand what is driving your cat’s behaviour, find solutions and then support and motivate you to implement them.

Habits are not always easy to change in ourselves and our pet’s behaviour is no different. Behaviour can be complex and impacted by a number of variables, which means it can take time to change. That’s why I focus on exploring all areas of your pet’s environment, routines, interactions and health, to ensure the best chance of success with changing behaviour, or finding solutions which work for you. Support programmes always focus on a way forwards which works for you, your pet and your lifestyle.

Initial pet behaviour support programme: £250

Initial support programme involves:

 1. Your vet signs a referral form to allow for veterinary liaison (essential as behaviour problems can be influenced by health, pain and discomfort). Download the referral form to ask your vet to complete here:

Wagg & Purr Pet Behaviour – Veterinary Referral Form

2. You complete a questionnaire.

3. An approximately 2 hour in person consultation, usually at your home.

4. You receive an achievable written plan, with support and information to help you follow it.

5. 3 months email, phone call and WhatsApp support to help you follow the plan, make decisions and get back on track with your cat.


Premium pet behaviour support programme (all that is included in an initial programme and 2 x 1 hour in person follow up sessions, as well as 6 months email and phone support): £350


You will also receive priority to book further in person sessions with any programme, if beneficial.


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