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At Wagg & Purr Pet Behaviour, Lauren is expertly qualified to help you understand and change your pet’s behaviour. From support with your dog or cat's problematic behaviour, to settling in your new puppy or kitten, Lauren can help set you and your pet up for success. Understanding why our pets are behaving in a particular way is crucial to help them overcome any problems. That’s why Lauren uses a science based approach, which focuses on your pet as an individual. Behaviour problems are often complex with many factors which can contribute to their development including emotions, motivations, physiology, health, the environment, past experience and much more. A consultation with Lauren, a pet trainer and behaviour counsellor will allow you to ethically address the problem and help you and your pet to live a more contented life together!

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Meet Lauren

I’ve always had a love for animals and my journey into animal training and behaviour began when I rescued my dog Poppy. Poppy was rescued from the streets in Greece and she was imported to the UK as a rescue, so we knew little about her background. It soon became clear that she was an anxious dog who needed help! Since then, we've been on a learning journey together and we have overcome many of Poppy's problematic behaviours, including reactive behaviour, aggression and excessive barking. Most importantly, she has learnt to feel safe and happy living with us. As a result of this, we have the best pet- owner relationship! Alongside Poppy, I have a horse called Bumble who I also love implementing my animal training and behaviour knowledge with. Living with a pet who has training or behaviour struggles can be really difficult. I know, I've been there with both Poppy and Bumble. That's why I love helping owners work through challenges they have with their pets and in turn building great pet-owner relationships! My education started with a degree in equine science, but I then decided to turn my attention to learning about dogs and cats. I started up a dog walking and pet sitting business and then went onto teaching dog training classes and gaining experience at pet rescue organisations. I also have an MSc qualification in Clinical Animal Behaviour and I regularly engage in continued professional development. This means that when I work with clients and their pets, I have the skills to get to the bottom of training and behaviour problems, using up to date and most importantly, ethical techniques!

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Lauren Greasley (BSc Hons, MSc)

With both high level academic qualifications and practical hands on experience, Lauren is able to help you get the best results from your pet.

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Dog Training

Would you like help with getting your dog to focus on you, training your dog to come back to you when called and to help make your walks harmonious, without excessive pulling on the lead? Contact Wagg and Purr Pet Behaviour to book a 1-2-1 bespoke dog training session!

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Cat Behaviour

Would you like help with understanding your feline friend’s behaviour? Investigating why your cat is displaying specific behaviours and implementing some changes to their environment and routine can be used to reduce problem behaviours in your cat. Have you been told cats can't be trained? Well this is absolutely not the case! Contact Wagg and Purr Pet Behaviour to book a feline behaviour consultation.